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There are no courses on the way forward or back from Divorce

That's why Hazel offers these 3 most asked for consultations (based on 24 years of inquiries) .  Choose the one you need then:

Divorce Prevention - you would prefer not to divorce

Divorce Planning - you're not sure if Divorce is the answer

Divorce Preparation - Divorce is the answer but you don't know the first steps

Divorce Prevention

roadmap of your marriage & relationship

resolution of personality conflicts

transforming the challenges

Divorce Planning

process, procedures and plans

expectations explained

questions answered

Divorce Preparation




Meet Hazel

Hazel offers a unique set of skills, knowledge, experience and training to help clients facing the unique situation of Divorce.  A two-time survivor of divorce herself and over 24 years of experience helping couples navigate the process of divorce from initiation to finalization .  She is a certified Marriage & Relationship Educator, uses practical psychology methods, is a past chaplain and positivity coach, and an iMA certified Personality Specialist.  She is a mediator specializing in amicability, finding middle ground, making complicated matters simple and emotions manageable.

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