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Ask Hazel about   
Second Divorce 

The second time is not less hard than the first.  But somehow the words or thoughts "I want a divorce" seem to occur sooner and with less hesitation.

The Second Time Around you made a partner choice more consciously, with more life experience and more wisdom, but you have 3 burning questions:  

How did this happen?

Why am I here again?

How do I save This marriage?

Marriage & Relationship Rescue

marriage & relationship education

personality profiles

taking a positive view

overcoming negative thoughts

moving toward faith in positive outcomes

Meet Hazel

Hazel offers a unique set of skills, knowledge, experience and training to help clients facing the unique challenge of second marriages.  She has nearly 2.5 decades of experience and knowledge of the mechanics of marital breakdown having mediated innumerable couples through their breakdowns.  She is a certified Marriage & Relationship Educator, uses practical psychology methods, is a past chaplain and positivity coach, and an iMA certified Personality Specialist.

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