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How it works?
The Partners Part Peacefully process is fair, systematic, empathetic and cost-effective.  This  process gets couples a divorce quickly and amicably.

Step 1: The couple meeting

We make it comfortable, simple and manageable.

Issues are simplified, reducing the stress for you.  We help you reach "middle ground" on issues and mutual agreement more quickly.

Our intention is for you to have certainty & confidence in the terms of your agreement.


We provide the peace you seek. 

Step 2: Review, modify    & finalize

We get it done quickly.

You will know when to expect documents for review.  Most revisions are back to you within one day.  Your requested amendments will be made quickly.  Our clients enjoy receiving a final copy for signing within two weeks. 

As quickly as you need it, we get it done.

Step 3: Final Review
  & Sign

Once the review process is completed (*)  you are ready to print and sign.

After the required 1 year separation period, we assist you with the final piece...........filing for your divorce

Getting done, couldn't be any simpler!

*  At your option ,you may get Independent Legal Advice prior to signing.

We make your fully mediated divorce easy & affordable.
Get started now!
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