About Us

Partners Part Peacefully was created out of necessity to provide an alternative to couples, who up until now, felt trapped


Most couples facing the challenges of separation and divorce in Ontario felt that they had no alternative but to enter the legal arena. They really didn’t want  an  expensive  and  lengthy conflict, but saw no other available divorce options.

Most couples know, as I discovered though my work, personal experience and observation, that the legal system to get a divorce in Ontario creates and escalates tension and stress between the couple. It is costly, unaffordable and couples are afraid of the impact on their children and the state of their relationship post-divorce. Partners would say to me, “we know what we want, we've agreed and we don’t want to fight, or to use lawyers.”


What is needed and wanted is a system that helps couples achieve their desire for an amicable legal separation so they can quickly and peacefully start the next chapter of their lives. I knew exactly what the couples were saying, I listened and in 1999 I created Partners Part Peacefully, a service that educates clients on the key areas of divorce, gets resolution on areas not settled, provides financial counseling and ultimately helps the couple to finalize a fair, legal Ontario divorce in a non-confrontational way.

Hazel Lamarre

Since 1999 Hazel Lamarre has served as a Divorce Consultant, Facilitator, Mediator, Marriage & Relationship Expert to an extensive number of individuals and couples struggling in their relationship, contemplating or going through a legal separation or divorce. She is the most sought out and recognized professional for understanding the dynamics of the divorce process and its effects on the people involved. She is well respected for getting making emotional issues manageable and complicated processes simple.

Beginning 1992, when Hazel had a lengthy and costly legal divorce experience in the current adversarial process, she became devoted to studying legislation, support guidelines, financial situations and the process governing separation and divorce.  Her corporate training for 18 years in facilitation, negotiation & mediation was vital in expediting a final and fair agreement for her family.  Hazel has a background in finance, is a certified paralegal, certified in strategic intervention, marriage & relationship education and is an accredited iMA Practitioner.  She has received training in psychology, human relations, marriage and relationship education, strategic intervention and personality profiling. Hazel is the developer of the Relationship Personality Profile tool that has come to be relied on for understanding the key compatibility issues in relationships and is the cornerstone of A Happier Me Program (TM).

"Hazel Lamarre helps couples make the necessary

changes in their relationships to have happier lives"

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