Child Access


   Child Access

  • The living arrangements/access is about how much time each parent spends with the child/ren and with which parent the child/ren lives.

  • Children’s living arrangements can vary greatly. In some cases children maintain a primary residence with one parent and visit regularly with the other. In others the children divide their time equally or approximately equally between the parents’ homes


Shared custody exists when children live with each parent at least 40 per cent of the time.  In these circumstances, special provisions apply to the calculation of child support, depending on the amount of time children spend with each parent.”

Source: Family Law – Ministry of Attorney General 3


“Shared Custody – Where a spouse exercises a right of access to, or has physical custody of, a child for not less than 40 per cent of the time over the course of a year”


“Split Custody – Where each parent or spouse has custody of one or more children”

Source: Federal Child Support Guidelines  s.8 & s. 9

When calculating time spent with each parent, time sleeping, in daycare or at school is not included.


An access parent has the right to be given information regarding a child’s health, education and welfare, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Source:  Divorce Act s. 16(5)


Don’t let strangers decide on the access schedule and tell you when each of you sees your child/ren.  The impact on your child/ren will be radically reduced if you discuss and reach your own agreement.