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Parenting Time

(formerly called "Access")


   Child Access now called "Parenting Time":

  • The living arrangements/parenting time is about how much time each parent spends with the child/ren and with which parent the child/ren lives.

  • Children’s living arrangements can vary greatly. In some cases children maintain a primary residence with one parent and visit regularly with the other. In others the children divide their time equally or approximately equally between their parents’ homes


Both parents have the right to be given information regarding a child’s health, education and welfare, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Source:  Divorce Act s. 16(5)


Don’t let the court and strangers to your family decide on the parenting schedule and tell you when you see your child/ren.  The impact on your child/ren is radically reduced when you discuss and reach your own agreement within an amicable process.

Community Legal Education Ontario Information Brochure

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