Child Custody

“Sole Custody means that one parent makes all the major decisions about the children.


Joint Custody means that both parents make these major decisions together. Some of the major decisions would be education, religion, healthcare, recreational activities, legal name, where the child will live.


Custody is not about which parent the child lives with or how much time a child spends with each parent”

Source: CLEO5


It can be confusing when words like Joint and Shared Custody are used.  These terms are interchangeable and sometimes used together.  Regardless, the meaning is the same, that both parents will make the major decisions about their children together.


To be clear though, custody and access are different and applied differently.  Custody is about making the major decisions in regard to the children, but access is about where the children live.  Access is what drives child support amounts, not custody. Go to access page to read more on access/visitation.


Don’t let strangers decide custody of your children. The welfare and interests of your children are best served by the two of you coming to your own agreement about the child custody arrangements.