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Changing the Way Divorce Happens

It shocks me every day how many of my colleagues and peers pose the question, “why don’t people know this?”. The old way of How Divorce Happens is Obsolete and has gone the way of the dinosaur. We are becoming quite accustomed these days to the introduction of newer and better tools and processes. We quickly embrace them because they meet today's need to save time and money and just make our lives a whole lot easier. We realize that the "old ways" do not serve us well and that it's now time to take a look at the new solutions available. The divorce process is no exception. Immediately calling a lawyer when facing divorce is part of an obsolete process. Gone are the days when a lawyer could take a book off the shelf and say "I know something you don't know". All of the information you want to know is available on-line now. If you have a question, just Google-It !!

The law, interpretations, PDF Guides, calculators, agreement samples are now all available On-line. In my own situation, there were only a few things to discuss, Most couples will seek out this information, but then what? "How do we get it done?" they say. Emotions and money can be big stumbling blocks to communication and completion. Next question is "who can help us, we don't want to use lawyers?" This is where the current advanced processes are radically different than the "old way". Couples want to lower their stress and get out of pain quickly and we know that the "old way" not only doesn't accomplish that, but elevates the level of stress to the point where relationships are damaged permanently. So, the new process, while it cannot eliminate the discomfort experienced during a marital breakdown, minimizes it in a shorter and cost-efficient way. So now you know that the way to get a divorce is no longer stuck in the dark ages. Finally, this difficult life change has evolved to a simple process where partners can part in a dignified and respectful manner.

How Divorce Happens has Changed. Share this with people you care about!

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