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Should I Leave the Home?

You may find that living together under the same roof during a divorce is too uncomfortable and difficult. The natural solution seems to be leaving the family home, but you might not be sure if this is the right thing to do? The tendency is to believe that if one partner leaves the family home that the tensions will be reduced and with the decrease in the stress you will be able to more easily communicate and resolve the divorce issues. While you may experience some reduced pressure immediately by getting away from the situation, long-term you will find that there is even more stress. Now that you no longer have the forced interaction by having close proximity to one another by living under the same roof, you may experience more difficulty in the way you communicate and delays getting responses. Human nature is to resist participating in painful situations if not pressured to do so. It is, in fact, the tension (barring any abusive situation) that you feel that is a useful tool and the motivating factor in getting to quicker resolutions. The tension will be shortlived, but will enable the difficult conversations that need to happen to take place. The divorce issues will get resolve, the separation agreement completed and the partners moved on quickly to start their next chapter of their life.

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