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Not for children's ears

It goes without saying that divorce conversations should always take place when the children are not present. We know this and yet, we know that children often overhear "divorce talk" that is not suitable for them to hear. All conversations in divorce are emotionally-charged. It is the nature of this tragic life transition. It is the unplanned talks and friendly discussions that suddenly become heated that create the situation where children end up hearing the adult conversations. A good practice right from the start is to make a pact with each other about the children being always absent and completely out of earshot when divorce conversations are held.

Make it a mantra before any conversation to say: Where are the children?

This simple phrase will bring the focus of both parents directly to what they truly care about most in their divorce, their children. Acknowledge to each other that the conversation needs to take place and make arrangements to have it where it can be completely private.

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