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Will the Amicable Divorce Process work for me?

Will the amicable divorce process work for you and your spouse? Find out this answer before you call lawyers and engage in the historically adversarial process.

First, consider your options. There are 5 ways to get your separation agreement completed. 1) you can discuss issues between you and draft your own agreement, using a legal template. The drawback is that separation can be fraught with emotions and conflict, so this option can prove to be difficult. 2) each of you hire legal representatives to talk for you and between separately? This tends to be expensive and breakdown the present and future communications between you. 4) each of you can hire legal representatives to attend a joint meeting to communicate for and between you, a.k.a. Collaborative Law; or 4) you both can equally participate, representing yourselves, sharing, discussing, proccessing and deciding with assistance in a non-threatening environment the divorce issues and write your legal ontario separation agreement.

Second: consider what you need: 1) Do you need an interpretation of the law because you don't know how it applies to your situation? (Get the free E-Book to see what the law states); or 2) Have you researched, perhaps discussed and perhaps partially or mostly come to agreeement on the divorce issues?

The Amicable divorce process does not mean that you have to agree on all things or that you have a desire to be friends. It simply means that you both have the same common goals of not letting things getting out of hand, that you don’t wish each other harm, that you want what is best for the children and that you would desperately like to preserve as much of the finances as possible. If you both fundamentally agree on these things then an amicable divorce process will work for you.

Final Word: The way you start a process is an indicator of how things will contine.

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