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No Meeting Preparation

Getting to a place with each other so that you can have an amicable divorce and divorce without lawyers is easier than you think. It essentially means, surprisingly, not doing any meeting preparation. With a good mediator, negotiator who is fluent in managing emotions and finances, you will experience a much more peaceful way of navigating all of the areas that need to be addressed. You will find the stress lift as you gain information, a strategy and a fair plan that is customized for your needs. It is a much quicker process with the help of a professional rather than trying to wrestle with it all on your own or with your spouse ....and time is a stressor in this process, Most people have not been through divorce before so it is all new territory and can feel very confusing and overwhelming. This is why scheduling a meeting with little to no preparation is the most helpful because you can simplify the process right from the start by engaging in a systematic & methodical process that takes all of the confusion and some of the unnecessary and escalated emotion out of the equation. All you need to do is agree with one another that you would prefer an amicable rather than an adversarial process.


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