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Parenting Plan Contents

Parenting Plans

A parenting plan checklist includes (Source: YourLegalRights):

  1. Living arrangements and parenting schedules

  2. Vacations

  3. Other holidays and special days

  4. Healthcare

  5. Children with special needs

  6. Education

  7. Extra-curricular activities

  8. Religion

  9. Culture

  10. Grandparents and extended family

  11. Travel

  12. Communication between parents

  13. Making changes to the parenting plan

  14. How problems will be solved

A parenting plan should be included in:

  1. the content of the Separation Agreement; or

  2. a Schedule attached to and forming part of the Separation Agreement.

Parenting Plans

Final Word: Detailed Parenting Plans are best for high conflict situations. Amicable couples can customize the items on their list and will not likely wish or need to address #8 to #14 and will include under the Access Arrangements section of their Separation Agreement. It will be simple, clear & easy for the family to adhere to at separation and going forward.

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